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Lemon Grove

A city with unique historic roots, Lemon Grove still exhibits community pride and spirit in the modern era, boasting about having the "Best Climate on Earth", its motto for more than 100 years. Centrally located in the southwest portion of San Diego County, Lemon Grove is only 9 miles from downtown San Diego, and only 12 miles from the San Diego International airport.

In 2018 the median sales price of Lemon Grove single family homes was $465,000 (the low sales price was $309,000, and the high sales price was $1,035,000). And for condos the median sales price was $288,000 (low sales price was $212,000 and the high sales price was $420,000).

Although just seven minutes from San Diego, Lemon Grove has maintained its small-town charm. Real estate in Lemon Grove, a suburb of San Diego, is surrounded by well-maintained parks and picturesque open spaces. Great care is taken in the maintenance and development of the parks, median landscaping, and the urban forest for the enjoyment of the residents, which fosters community pride. A large variety of parks offer playgrounds, sports fields, and community pools, adding value to the quality of life and homes in Lemon Grove.

Lemon Grove enjoys warm, mild weather characteristic of Mediterranean climates. Summers are warm and dry, and winters are cooler with occasional rains. Cool ocean breezes enhance the temperate climate. Coastal mesas and drainages dominate, and elevations range from approximately 280 feet to 530 feet above sea level.