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La Mesa

Centrally located in the rolling hills of San Diego County, La Mesa is known as the "Jewel of the Hills." A near perfect climate, tree-lined streets, walkable neighborhoods, easy access to retail and commercial areas, and a quaint downtown village make La Mesa a highly desirable community in which to live and work.

La Mesa is a mostly middle class area of San Diego, famous for its large Oktoberfest and summer car shows and is one of the most easily accessible areas from the rest of the county that offers the most moderate temperatures of all of East County.

La Mesa is divided in to two zip codes, 91941 and 91942. In 2018 the median sales price of La Mesa single family homes was $628,547 (the low sales price was $295,000 and the high sales price was $1,820,000). And for condos the median sales price was $340,000 (low sales price was $200,000 and the high sales price was $527,544).

The City of La Mesa has several sets of public stairways in the Mt. Nebo/Windsor Hills area. These stairways were installed many years ago to facilitate foot traffic through the adjacent neighborhoods. La Mesa is one of the few areas in San Diego County that have a system of public stairways. Today, people delight in the discovery of the stairways and take pleasure in facing the challenge of navigating the steep ascents.

From the intersection of Windsor Drive and Canterbury Drive, you climb a total of 245 steps, interrupted by two cross streets, to reach the top of Summit Drive. On reaching the 245th step, at Summit Drive, you're on one of La Mesa's highest knolls, elevation 830 feet. Continue by following Summit Drive about 100 yards to a second stairway descending east. Follow its 184 steps to Beverly Drive. A third, shorter stairway can be found on Fairview Avenue near Alta Lane. Ascend 44 steps, cross Pasadena Avenue, and continue via the remaining 16 steps and a paved pathway to Vista Drive. It’s only 60 steps total, but with the steep pathway it’s a good workout nonetheless!

La Mesa boasts many outdoor activities including fishing, boating, biking and running at Lake Murray, panoramic views from Mt. Helix and hiking Cowles Mountain and nearby Mission Gorge Trails.

With the San Diego Trolley easily accessible to La Mesans, enjoy public transit to downtown San Diego, to the San Diego/Mexico border and all points in between.

La Mesa is approximately 12 miles east of the Pacific Ocean. Because of this, it typically experiences warmer temperatures than San Diego, which mostly lies significantly closer to the Pacific Ocean. Most of the annual precipitation falls between November and March with around 13" of annual precipitation. Summer temperatures are generally hotter than San Diego, with average highs of 78° -92° and lows of 56° - 68°. Winter temperatures are warm, with average high temperatures of 66° - 77° and lows of 46° - 58°. During the "May gray/June gloom" period, a thick "marine layer" cloud cover will keep the air cool and damp within a few miles of the coast, but will yield to bright cloudless sunshine approximately in La Mesa. Even in the absence of June gloom, inland areas tend to experience higher temperatures than areas closer to the coast.